One Room Challenge Reveal!

Hey, you guys! Welcome to Week 8 of the One Room Challenge! Before we get into the details, I must confess that I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it to the end. Doing the makeover during a global pandemic meant that deliveries were slow, and the current events surrounding the injustice in my community hit me extremely hard. I had thrown in the towel, but then in the last two weeks of the challenge, with the help of my friend, I was able to tackle this project and finish on time. I thought this transformation was going to be easy. I mean, “what could possibly go wrong in a small room, right?”, but things just didn’t go as planned. The wallpaper, though it was easy to install, felt like the walls kept changing (lol). Each corner became harder and harder to apply. In those moments, I knew I had to step away and try again another day. Thankfully, we were given an extension, which is the only reason this room is done.

For #ORCSpring2020, I opted to transform my laundry room.  My goal was to maximize the use of this space in my home and of course make it pretty. The great thing about this room was it already had a closet. During my walk through of my home build, the closet excited me because I knew I could add customized shelving and the door could be used as functional space too.


Here’s a look at the laundry room before:

I replaced the previously installed builder grade luxury vinyl with an 8mm luxury vinyl from Duchateau. In 6 weeks, I had the closet built out with shelving for better storage and organization (I measure the height of all my cleaning products), installed wallpaper, replaced the light fixture, and added 1×4 planks to the corner of the room to create a mudroom wall.

Here’s the original inspiration collage:

Here’s what it looked like during process:

And finally, the REVEAL!


The Silver Hikarigaoka Peel and Stick Wallpaper (gifted by Wallpops) completely elevated my laundry room. The wall covering features beautiful florals in a camel nude-shimmer neutral tone that adds the right amount of depth to the walls. Just passing this room in the hallway, you may not know that this is a laundry room, and I love that.



Like every other room in the house I headed to Sherwin Williams for my paint selection. Blue has become the signature color in my house and finding the right color tone was crucial. Unfortunately, I can’t share the exact color of the mudroom wall because I tweaked the original color. Here’s my process. I had After the Storm mixed in a sample… took it home and fell in love with it. The next step was to have it mixed in the designer signature color, and that’s when things got tricky. The formulas of the sample and the signature base paint were different so the color was off, by a lot. I grabbed the Emerald Designer Edition interior paint in satin and had it mixed as After the Storm, and that’s when the tweaking started. I added a bit more black and a little less green and ended up with my own personal shade I call…. Blackess Blue. I love the color and the depth it adds to the room. It really complements the wallpaper.



The washer and dryer are new from Samsung via (Home Depot).



The light fixture is from (lamps plus buy was of (Amazon), and all trim/plywood is from (home depot). If you take a second look at the before and during process photos, you’ll see the lighting change. I went from soft white bulbs which gave the room a yellow/pinkish hue to daylight bulbs which depict the true color of everything in the room. I use (EcoSmart) for my day light bulbs.



In the last blog post I shared that I don’t like doing laundry. After the makeover, I still don’t like doing laundry (lol). Overall, I love my new space. I thoroughly enjoy my items being organized, and I’m looking forward to growing in this space. I really hope you guys enjoy this post. Until next time….

83 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Reveal!

  1. Tina Watson says:

    Your one room challenge is beautiful like you I don’t like doing laundry but in this room I would like doing laundry.

  2. Renae Barlow says:

    I love all of your design ideas and choices. You are amazing, God blessed you with a amazing craft. And your eye for detail 😍😍😍

  3. Ida Sandra says:

    Repurposing the door is great and the wallpaper and lighting is just stunning! Definitely a laundry room I could sit in till the laundry is done!! 😊👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  4. Fallon says:

    Beautiful. I love the softness of the wallpaper. And how the mudroom wall. Adds a certain edge. They compliment each other perfectly.

  5. Esther says:

    You rose to the challenge and then some. You did it and it looks fantastic. Love that just because it’s a laundry room, doesn’t mean it can’t look elegant. Nadia, it looks stunning 😍

    • Delores says:

      Nadia girl everything you put your hands on turn into gold. You are very creative and detail. I love a very organise space, and have perfected that
      Looking forward for the rest of the house your. Love from Jamaica. Has soon as you drop the videos I grab my phone.

    • Yolanda says:

      It’s so so good, SBC! The only person I “know”, with laundry room pretty enough, that you don’t mind doing laundry 🧺!

  6. sharice parks says:

    You have put so much of your time and effort into this whole transition of your home. The outcome is superb….in so many ways! Its timeless,classy,and most of all..its STYLED BY CASANOVA.

  7. AnnMarie says:

    Yes we are living through some challenging times and if your not affected you are not awake. With that said girlfriend you did your thing love the laundry room. The wall paper is a awww moment.

  8. Rachel says:

    The Laundry room turned out sooooo good!!! Love the wall paper against that beautiful mud wall. My favorite part is the closet I love organized spaces and all those products are my favorites!

  9. Christine Broker says:

    Bahahaha I don’t like doing laundry too 😩 I love love the wallpaper it really goes well with the paint

  10. Lisa Chatman says:

    Beautiful Nadia…nothing less than perfection from your style design. Please continue to produce amazing work!

  11. Steffi Torres says:

    Hi Nadia, with everything you’ve faced within that time frame, it looks amazing. Job well done, I love everything about the space, thank you for sharing your journey.

  12. Denise Burroughs says:

    Nadia Nadia Nadia!! This is absolutely gorgeous and so luxurious. I am a fan of tweaking paint, if its not made you must create! You did a superb job! I need to work on my laundry closet lol.

  13. DONNICA L SCOTT says:

    OMG!!! I love it so much! You did an amazing job as always. I need that built-in in my laundry room.

  14. Alicia says:

    Amazing Nadia just simply amazing!! I love it 😀. You are one of my favorites ❤ and my God continue to bless you and your family. So excited to see your next project. Your number #1 fan.

  15. LoveAmazing says:

    Lol…I don’t blame you for not liking laundry, but the space looks amazing. Nicely done and designed!

  16. TheAvocadoes says:

    Wow. What a marvelous space!!! You made a great point; walking by I too wouldn’t think it’s a laundry room and that’s what makes it even more amazing.

  17. Sibo says:

    It looks really beautiful. Love how it all turned out. Nothing as nice as having a beautiful laundry room, especially if you already don’t like the chore (lol).

  18. Chavela says:

    Stunning!!! Nadia, you are giving me key pointers when I purchase my 1 and only forever home. Thank you ♥️

  19. Dawn McDowell says:

    Absolutely amazing work per usual. You took the punches if what was giung in in the world like a CHAMP and knocked this challenge out. You inspire me. CONGRATS to you on this and ALL YOU DO.

  20. Alli Robi says:

    Beautifully done! I would love to do laundry in this room any day, that’s the idea right :). You did a great job on this challenge!

  21. Tiffany Tyler says:

    You NEVER disappoint when it comes to design and decor! Excited you persevered. Keep going, so I have the option to pick from your line one day 🍾

  22. Martina Davis says:

    Hey Ms. Nadia, great jobs as always. Your supply closet looks better than most stores. Keep up the great work.!

  23. Rosie Thompson says:

    This room makes laundry more delightful. It is easy on the eyes, it’s fuctionable, it’s lovely.
    So proud of you for not giving up.
    You are amazing.

  24. Toni-Marie says:

    The fact that you have the patience and desire to put up wallpaper and it looks perfectly lined ……..girl, you are a winner in my book. Beautiful

  25. Zelaahh says:

    Unmistakable style and presence! I ❤️ this simple yet refined style of yours. CHEERS, to your success 🥂

  26. Gia Nobles says:

    WOW, Nadia!!! Each element you chose is just spot on! And I love that “special paint” color, so beautiful! Awesome job!

  27. kathy lyons says:

    Nadia! The laundry room looks great! I love the mud room section, it’s perfect! You measured the cleaning bottles? Genius! The closest look 🎼soooo goooood!🎼 Lol👍🏽👌🏽🙏🏽❤️

  28. Genevieve Alexander says:

    Coming over from YouTube. Love the blog! Loving the journey!! The laundry is functional and organized. So inspiring as always. This room is on our list of rooms to tackle in the next year.

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