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Hey You Guys!

I’m Nadia of StyledBy Casanova,

SBC is a full-service design firm specializing in mixing high-end/low-end finds for new and pre-existing residential projects. My designs are fresh, clean, and offer a timeless look. I am dedicated to bringing my client’s visions to life. I believe design should be personal, livable, and offer longevity. The goal for this website is to have a place to share with you tips on how to step out of your comfort zone and to try something new in your home. We can discuss methods of furniture placement, helpful measuring tips, scale, selecting quality pieces, and lastly turning your house into a home. If your interest is to hire me, continue to browse through. I have a good variety of design images catering to small space, style refresh, apartments, new construction, and a few budget-friendly solutions.  

About Styledby Casanova?

I’ve always had a love for Interior Design. I can credit my father and my aunt for the inspiration. I spent my childhood watching my aunt, who was a seamstress, use beautiful fabrics to make everything from pageant dresses to wedding gowns. I discovered fabrics like silk, tulle, and chiffon right in our living room before knowing the proper names. My dad, on the other hand, found joy as a general contractor. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought he was working on his personal home due to the amount of attention to detail he invested in each project. I would like to think I adopted his work ethic and passion for the craft.

I often found myself on a few of my dad’s work sites and I didn’t really think much of it until one day my dad asked me to select between two tiles and a paint color and once I did he said “you have a good eye”… you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t great that day. We would often talk about his different projects and before long I found myself tagging along. At the age of seventeen or eighteen I got my big break. My dad allowed me to paint an apartment in Brooklyn. You would have thought it was a huge apartment due to the number of hours it took me to move from one wall to another and I was covered in the paint. When my dad arrived, I could tell he was disappointed and upset but he kept his cool and taught me his cut technique and roller method, and within 2 hours he was done. From that moment on, I would walk into a room and dream of the endless possibilities.

Life came pretty hard and fast and the bills soon followed. Before long I came to the realization the thing I felt so deeply about took a back seat to the real world. In this world, I was a single mother and my sight was set on making sure I was the best parent. As life continued to progress, I found myself in a very unique position, I was a stay at home. In that role I lost and also found myself. This is where the journey begins. After almost two years of me talking myself out of it, I created a YouTube channel. My very first video was actually ”I need a job“. I returned home from a five-hour job hunting day and I was just beat. In the video, I said I wanted a job. Shortly after that I uploaded a closet tour; my very own custom-designed closet which gained about 20,000 views in a week. From those comments, I set and planned the next few video uploads. I wanted to talk about design but I didn’t want to come across as a know it all, so I kept it very topic friendly. After a year of inconsistent uploads due to the lack of being motivated something great happened. My partner and I purchased our second home and this would open up new opportunities for my followers to see me outside of just handbag and fashion hauls. I began to share every process that I underwent in the house from paint color options, to light fixtures and fabrics for customs pieces. Surprisingly, it did well, better than I thought. I found my calling again as a designer and adopted the catchphrase “you’ve been novanized”! I have a straightforward and authentic approach, which is well received. I am beyond fortunate to have wonderful, longstanding subscribers that are now turning into clients who share with me how helpful my tips and recommendation are to them and that’s something you can’t put a price tag on. As I look back on this journey, I want to thank my aunt for my professionalism, my dad for my passion and warm personality, and my kids for giving me strength. If I can share one solid tip to anyone it would be to START WHERE YOU ARE!

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Where is you closet from?

t’s Custom Made. I designed my desired layout and a carpenter built everything. 

What color is your house walls

Flannel Grey from Behr mixed at Sherwin Williams  

What color are your nails?

Tammy Taylor P3 

What stores do you shop for your home?

Bernhardt, Lexington, Global Views,Overstock, Lamp Plus, Homegoods, Ashley Homestore, Uttermost and Progressive Lighting

What's your Design style?

Transitional. with this style, I can implement a little of everything to create a timeless look. I also enjoy mixing high & low pieces.

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