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Hey, you guys! I am excited to be back with another hot topic… my office refresh!  Let me start off by saying that my office was a much needed addition to my home. After moving in, I found myself everywhere and anywhere trying to get my work done; from typing in my car to laying on the floor. I couldn’t wait to get my floors fully installed so I could move all my furniture into the house, which honestly wasn’t much. While I waited, I started planning my new space. I took measurements to ensure everything would fit, and I quickly noticed there would be a 19-inch gap on either side of the bookcase which wasn’t an issue in the previous house. I quickly thought that going in with a darker color would somewhat camouflage the space. Within a week of the floors being installed, I moved the bookcase into the office and started sampling paint options and somewhat styling the room.

The original color I selected for my office was Sherwin Williams Night Watch in Satin. The color is a rich blue-green black. When I sampled it on the wall, it seemed as though blue was the top color and you could see a very small bit of the green, but once the entire wall was painted and allowed to dry for two days, I began to see more green than blue, which definitely brought down my spirit.

Quick tips for painting

1. Select paint color.

2. Get samples (sample the color on your light/dark wall).

3. Prep you wall. Fix any/all imperfections including holes, nail pops, residue, dirt, etc.

4. Gather all materials

     A. tray/liner

     B. drop cloth

     C. brush/roller

     D. tape

5. Determine the finish you need.

     A. Flat paint is forgiving but at times can be difficult to clean. To give you an example, flat is like a matte lippy or mattifying primer.

     B. Satin/eggshell has a low-luster so it can sometimes give off a matte-ish look but is easier to clean.

     C. Semi-gloss has a high-luster and tends to show most if not all imperfections on the wall. It’s also a reflective sheen; think of it as lip gloss. It’s easy to clean and suggested for high traffic area. It’s also a great finish for wainscoting, ceilings, and small/dark rooms.

Noticing the color was a bit off, I grabbed about 6 new color samples and tried them out. I would look at the walls every time I came home and slowly but surely discard one of the colors. Last men standing were Sherwin Williams Inkwell and Benjamin Moore After Midnight. Both colors were beautiful, but I opted to go with Benjamin Moore’s “After Midnight” in Sherwin Williams HGTV HOME series in Infinity with a Satin finish. The result was perfect.

The color offered a sort of sexiness in tone but it didn’t overpower the room, sort of like a little black dress. I used this as just an accent color, but it would be great as an all over room color. In the previous design office, I chose Sherwin Williams “Destiny”, a muted lilac. With the move into my new home, I wanted to create a different feel and look while using my existing furniture. Both rooms were great, but I have to admit that there’s something undeniable sexy and grown about “After Dark”.

(Previously design office)


I am four months into living in my new home, and I look forward to coming downstairs to work. This room is what I’ve always wanted in an office. It’s a place of inspiration. It’s an amazing feat to create a space for my clients and see them happy but being able to design a room in my own home is quite rewarding. I’m happy I took my time in the original design of my office to source pieces that would last and also stand the test of time. Design should be a true expression of one’s self and that has nothing to do with what’s trending or popular.  If you’re happy then it’s right.

If you’re interested in the sources for the items you’ve seen in this post, links are provided below.

  • Flooring: DuChateau “Domenico”  
  • Wall paint: Benjamin Moore Super
  • Wall Design: (Entryway Blog)
  • Mirror:
  • Light: All Modern (no longer available)
  • Wall Art:

30 thoughts on “Office Refresh

  1. Shee says:

    Yessss love the pain color! It’s definitely different for you but a good different and I agree more grown and sexy! I was waiting for this office and the wait was worth looks goood!

  2. Rich in Blessings says:

    It is beautiful just as I knew it would be. You’ve given me so many ideas & I can’t wait until move into my new apartment. Your a smart young lady. May GOD continue to take you great places. I miss seeing your videos Nadia. Hope all is well & safe.

  3. Velicia Williams says:

    Nadia , your design skills are unmatched. I love that you don’t over fill a room. The entire aesthetic for you office is perfect. The light & dark paints, the size of the furniture and pieces you have chosen are balanced well. Bravo Ms. Casanova. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉👏🏼👏🏼

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