Hey, you guys! I am excited to be back with another hot topic, flooring. The subject matter that was up for substantial debate on my YouTube channel (StyledBy Casanova). I found myself explaining, more so defending why I wanted to change/upgrade my flooring selection.

Going back to the very beginning, to the design showroom, the flooring was something I already knew that I wouldn’t upgrade. The builder’s options were limited, so I opted to keep the luxury vinyl that was included at no additional cost.

Vinyl flooring thickness

In reference to flooring, size does matter. Vinyl flooring comes in thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 8mm. While the thickness does not determine the durability (the wear layer does), it is important. Some things to consider when thinking about changing out your flooring:

1. type of flooring

2. foot traffic

3. subfloor

4. where it’s being installed

Spaces that tend to be high traffic areas in your home should have thicker flooring.

The flooring selection for the entire lower level of my house, which I consider a high traffic area, was 4mm luxury vinyl. The lower level includes the entryway, the kitchen, which is where all the magic happens, and french doors leading to the outdoor space. Taking into consideration my family’s habits, I knew we were going to stay downstairs until it was bedtime, so before I think fabrics and furniture, I needed to figure out the flooring first. This is where the hardwood wood floors come in. Hardwood flooring may not be an option for you, which is understandable, but I grew up with hardwood flooring, so it’s home to me.

Vinyl Flooring


· Moisture resistant

· Easy to install

· Affordable


· Weakness at the seams

· Cannot be repaired (plastic)

· Lifespan (susceptible to moisture depending on the thickness)

· Looks fake

Hardwood Floor


· Lifespan

· Easy maintenance

· Adds value to home


· Costly

· Needs refinishing occasionally

· Noisy when walking

I visited different showrooms over a two-week span and finally narrowed it down to one brand, DuChateau.

The flooring company was attractive to me for several reasons:

1. The color

2. 7 ½” wide, 6‘ length planks, which would give my specific square footage a grand look

3. UV Oil finished

4. Easy to maintain

5. Decorative element

Flooring is one of the most transformative aspects of a room. It makes everything look and feel much cleaner and more open. The right flooring sets the stage and makes the design process a bit more effortless when moving around the rest of the room. I’m excited to share with you all of the after images of the new flooring. If I didn’t mention, the entire house is going under a massive overhaul. Wish me luck.

33 thoughts on “Flooring

  1. Rachel Hawley says:

    I love the break down, the thickness can make a world of a difference, I took notes for my own home while reading this post.

    • Tina says:

      Nadia ….thank you for sharing the information it has been a blessing to me and when I become a homeowner. I will be very
      knowledgeable thanks to you in the process of selecting my flooring for my new home. I
      have been keeping a notebook I call The Novas Home with of all the information that you have shared.

  2. Keturah says:

    Thank you for this post. Even for some of us who love design and the process, not everyone is up to game on the details of every aspect. Until you start doing it yourself or watch someone explain the process, details like thickness, seems, and subfloors are the last things the average person is considering. I appreciate you being vocal about the details on your channel. Your audience is learning from you so keep up your wonderful work!

  3. Yancy Will says:

    That was our dilemma, go with laminate or wood?? Wood is expensive, but for certain rooms the laminate was only saving us $400 dollars (difference), so we went with wood floors, Lol!!!. Overtime it will pay for itself. Beautiful choice Nadia!!! Love it!!! Love all your decorating style!!!

    • Deanna says:

      I’m faced with the same dilemma. However, I decided to go with the laminate because it was way less expensive than the hardwood I liked. Plus I have a limited budget.

  4. Brandi says:

    I absolutely can appreciate the level of information you have provided on this subject and any other subject that you have chosen to share with us. After hearing the reasons why you chose certain things over others and explaining to those the importance of quality of products versus affordability, let’s just say that teaching the trade is valuable. I’m not discrediting people’s ability to afford what they can afford, sometimes I can only afford certain things. I prioritize what I can and cannot financially afford and if it means that much to me then I will save and get what I want. ANYWHO!!! I VALUE THE INFORMATION!!

  5. Mia says:

    I’m actually in process of changing my office floor This information comes right on time .. thank you for sharing
    Really appreciate all the information

  6. Princess Jones says:

    I love love this post! Mainly because my family and I have been looking into home buying and wehave 3 boys 3,2,and 5 months who I know will be giants running, jumping, dropping food around and the best flooring is a must. I love that you changed your flooring out because I’ve never seen people do it, they just go with the builders options. my Aunt once redid her floor and got vinyl(laminate)and we were always mopping and cleaning it I hated it. She got it because of course it’s cheaper. I praying can change out my flooring before or soon as we move it. Love your series keep it coming❤️

  7. Katrina says:

    That was a very detailed explanation of flooring! I’m excited to follow this journey with you as I take down tips for when I purchase my first home hopefully next year!!

  8. Kevyn Germaine says:

    What’s a home without the proper foundation to build upon?

    This was much needed information you provided on the wonderful advantages of investing in high quality flooring.

    I’m compelled to treat my feet to the best in flooring when it comes to my home.

  9. Elaine P says:

    I am in love with your style hence I finally subscribed although I have been watching you all along. Just do you, most of us can’t afford most thing but I for one is living vicariously through you. You are sharing yourself generously continued success. All the best!!!

  10. Emoretta Robinson says:

    You made a great choice Nadia! I like how the flooring is done in your home. And I believe in personalizing a home to make it yours and reflect your personality. You have great taste and you are incredibly talented!

  11. Gia says:

    Nadia. NADIA!!! This flooring is everything!!! And this post was so informative and put together so well. The pictures were a major bonus. I’m so excited for you and your journey…can’t wait!

  12. Jackie says:

    Nadia, I’ve been following you long enough not to question your expertise! Lol Plus, I too like nice things-things that last! We have 3 kids (3,5&7) so hardwood is a must for us as well! Also, thanks for the way you broke those layers down! Keep dropping these gems of knowledge, girl!

  13. Jackie says:

    Thank you so much for the information. I understand more about flooring now and I can now make a wiser decision about my home going forward from here. Be blessed. This information was truly a blessing to me 0:)

  14. TeriThePrincess says:

    This is great educational information. The flooring choice is amazing! Love the details of the content and we can use it as a point of reference to go back to!

  15. Tonia says:

    I enjoyed this post. I was waiting for more detail regarding your floor choice. Well thought out and explained. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Whitney Torres says:

    I am really happy for this blog so educational as I’m getting ready to build and I’ve always wanted hard wood flooring, Nadia you are blessed, just keep up the good work.

  17. Cassandra Stigger says:

    Thank you so much for this information. In the process of changing out first floor flooring in house within 6 to 9 months and was doing my due diligence. So glad I follow you on IS, YT, your blog and newsletter. I’ve gotten so much helpful and useful information needed to make my project successful. I’ve also enjoyed your new home journey as well as your impeccable taste decorating your home. Thank you again. I appreciate all of your insight, research and expertise.

  18. Domanique says:

    Great info, it took us a long time to decide on upgrades in our current home, going back and forth between wood and laminate. We ultimately decided on laminate because of the dog and it looks great. I’m excited to be moving on to a new build soon and getting the hardwood I’ve always wanted 🙂

  19. Faye Minter (millionairescove) says:

    Hi Nadia …. This blog is so amazing and very informative. I love how you break down the differences of the floors…the pros and the cons were on point. You are definitely educating people on what the need to know before they buy flooring…. Your home is going to be so gorgeous and upscaled.. I am truly enjoying this process very much and can’t wait to see the finish product…

  20. Pam Dickerson says:

    Nadia I love your work ……I’ve learned so much from watching you in the last 6 months. I’ll be moving to the GA area within the next year and look forward to using your services.

  21. LoveAmazing says:

    Hi Nadia!
    First of all the wood flooring looks amazing!!! Thank you for sharing this information about the difference between Vinyl Flooring and Wood Flooring. This will surely come in handy when we buy/build our home! Continue with the good work! Remain blessed…love always!

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